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Mature content
Cold heart - Law x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 6 1
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In the cards - Basil Hawkins x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 5 1
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Pardon - Heat x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 3 1
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The reveal - Killer x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 8 3
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Just shut up already - Zoro x Perona :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 1 0
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Alterations - Inazuma x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 2 1
Mature content
Mi amor - Mihawk x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 8 1
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To the emperor! - Shanks x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 6 2
Mature content
Her confession - Aokiji x Jaelyn Varane (commiss.) :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 1 6
Mature content
Age is just a number - Rayleigh x Reader (commis.) :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 11 4
Trainee - Garp x Reader
“So you’re the young lady that’ll be put under my wing, eh?” The older vice admiral looked over you curiously, rubbing his chin in disbelief, “kinda scrawny, but I’ve worked with worse.” You sweat drop, you weren’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult, but rather than argue, you laugh awkwardly. “Since this is your first day, I’ll make it easy on you,” he hummed, walking circles around you, still examining you, “go out and bring me some cookies from the town outside the base, the ones in the base are mediocre at best.” He picked his nose with his pinky, stopping in front of you with a grin plastered on his face, you tried not to make a face as you begrudgingly agree. As you walked away, all you could think was what has been bestowed upon you and how could you get out of it.
Over the next several weeks, The senior vice admiral Garp had you doing chores and running errands for him, it was all so tedious a
:iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 14 4
Mature content
I missed you - Kuzan x Varane OC :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 1 7
Mature content
Mine, all mine - Enel x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 9 4
Mature content
Writer-chan - Fic 2 - Rana x Female Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 2 2
July's fanfic schedule by RanaTatsumia July's fanfic schedule :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 1 3


peach III by achibner peach III :iconachibner:achibner 694 26
Tag! The Foxhound is it!
Hello, lost souls! This is my first time doing one of these in years. So, forgive the tag. You don't have to do it.
Speaking of tags, I got tagged by the wonderful :iconXx-Neko-Pierrot-xX:
1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people. 
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. 
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. 
:iconfoxhoundbladewolf:FoxhoundBladewolf 3 4
Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviantA
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,931 6,951
Skin Coloration VIDEO by Naschi Skin Coloration VIDEO :iconnaschi:Naschi 4,833 102 Pose study sketch by xghostwheelx Pose study sketch :iconxghostwheelx:xghostwheelx 3,830 48 Female poses  - reference by xghostwheelx Female poses - reference :iconxghostwheelx:xghostwheelx 4,019 62
Law x Reader [Ch. 7] - Lost and found (One Piece)
Thank you everyone for your support :D
You snuggled up to warm body, your head rested on his chest, a hand lying on his abdominal muscles. His arm were wrapped around your waist, pulling you close. That was the best dream you ever had. It was almost as if you could still feel him. Too bad, you have to wake up again.
Slowly you opened your eyes and realized you were really lying on a chest. Eyes widened, you hastily sit up, looking down at your captains body. As a result the bed sheets which covered you seconds befor fell down on your hips and bared you upper body. You gasped surprised as the cold air catched your body. You were naked. In the same bed with your Captain. Your Captain was lying right next to you, his arm still wrapped around your middle. Oh my god... If this wasn't a dream... then you really slept with Law, you had your first time with him.
How, how?! A dream is one thing, wanting his body, his look, the attention for you. But in realitly he never thought of you th
:iconlchyo:LChyo 79 29
Mature content
Reading Your Thoughts Pt.2 (Lucci X Reader) ~Lemon :iconmiss-kraken:Miss-Kraken 137 28
New decision!
Alright, So I made a decision, after the request period is over, I will not take any request until the next request period AFTER the series I am writing is over! I will still accept commissions and art trades, but that will be all! I only have a few openings left! so request anything, but your limit is 4 
1.) Corazon X Reader, as asked by  (FINISHED!)  
2.) Franky X Reader, Asked by  (FINISHED!) 
3.) SaboXReader , Asked by (FINISHED)
4.) ZoroXReader, Asked by (FINISHED)
5.) MihawkXReader, asked by  (FINISHED)
6.) JabraXReader asked by 
7.) AceXReader, as requested by leelee4849 
8.) KakuXReader as requested by 
:iconwritingtheinserts:WritingTheInserts 1 10
I wanna join~ (FrankyXReader)
               “Helloooooo~ Arms!” Her flirtatious voice rang through the bar. “Look at all the men here!” the (H/C)ette leaned over to her old friend. Her friend Sable was in town for a few days to restock with her crew. Her old friend scoffed at the flirtatious nature of her friend.
               “You have such an interest in men (Name)” the strong purple headed girl took a swig of her pint “But I doubt you even know how you would interact with them in bed”
               “SHUT UP!” (Name) screamed at her old friend before drowning her blush in her drink. Sable laughed
               “LOOK AT YOU! You can’t even hold your liquor! So you drink Cola instead!” Sab
:iconwritingtheinserts:WritingTheInserts 44 16
Mature content
Doflamingo x reader 'Sick like me' Part 2 (LEMON) :iconashles001:ashles001 92 16
Bartolomeo X Reader: The Album
    “Bartooooo! Where are you?” You called, wandering the halls of the coliseum aimlessly in a spaced out walk. “I brought you your foooood!”
    No response. Your voice just simply bounced off the stone walls and right back at you, mocking your efforts rather rudely, that is, if walls could talk. Huffing, you took a turn down a darker hall that seemed obscure and unknown to the average person here. You however, knew this specific hall quite well. Bartolomeo always took this hall to get to the room at its end, which was virtually hidden from sight, so it was just perfect for him to take some peaceful breaks alone, as well as with you.
    Reaching the end of the darkened hall, you glanced around before sliding aside a large barrel, revealing a smallish sized hole in the corner behind it. Being the only place you haven’t checked yet, you didn’t hesitate to crawl inside, sliding the barrel back into place be
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 156 26
Reader X Kid [Neko warrior]
            You felt huge amount of pain coming from your back, You slowly got up off the floor only to notice that you were in a cell in shackles. You also felt a pain coming from your head, you checked your ears to only feel that a piece of you soft cat ears had a piece torn form one of them. You started to cry remembering what had happen. You were fighting in a war, The Neko clan of the north Vs the Neko clan of the south. You the highest ranked in the troops of the North had gotten captured by slave trades who snuck into your camp only to seal you. You have a power that they crave to get. You were a devil fruit user and a Neko Warrior so you though you would fetch a high price. Your devil fruit was you could turn anything you wanted into a real object . Sakusei sakusei no mi fruit was your way out of dying when you were small. You were dying of a disease that had almost wiped out your homeland, but one day while walking th
:iconanimedummy9000:animedummy9000 43 17
Kidd X Reader: Attract
    “There. That should be the last piece… I hope.” You panted, shoving one last piece of scrap metal in a large bag, tying off the top in a tight knot and chucking it off beside the door that lead below deck. “This metal has just been popping up everywhere recently in the past week. Even if it kinda flies its way to me… Whatever, I’m sure Kidd will enjoy the extra work material.” You mused.
                Shrugging off the odd appearances of metal, you sighed and took a walk to the side of the ship, resting your elbows on the railing as you gazed down into the ripping waters that slowly grew more rapid as you sailed from the last island you stopped at. You needed a break, so badly. You went ragdoll on the railing and sighed with limpness, feeling the ocean spray against your skin as the sweet salty breeze made its way through your respiratory system
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 344 65
Mature content
Law x Reader [Ch. 6] - Revenge (One Piece) :iconlchyo:LChyo 92 29
Mature content
Law x Reader [Ch. 6] - Revenge (One Piece) (Cut) :iconlchyo:LChyo 33 1


Today is fanfic day everyone! I hope you enjoyed today's fanfic! Tomorrow I'll be answering asks! I'm gonna be making a schedule for next month schedule soon, maybe on my off days. Love you guys!

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“What do you think you’re doing you green haired idiot?! You can’t attack a Celestial Dragon! What were you thinking?!” The pink haired pirate captain scolded the green haired swordsman, gripping his collar. “Fine, fine, I’m sorry I guess, I really don’t care,” Zoro scoffs, looking away from her. “Don’t give me that shit! You owe me for getting you out of that situation!” The infamous Jewelry Bonney demanded, shaking him violently by his shirt collar. “Fuck, calm down woman, I don’t have any money if that’s what you’re asking,” he huffs meeting her gaze. “Then how do you intend on paying me back?” She demanded to know, her glare never leaving his disinterested gaze. He pursed his lips and thought for a moment, “how about… My body? That’s all I can offer, I refuse to give up my swords.” She blushed heavily, her mind instantly flooding with dirty thoughts, then let go of his collar, “y-you creep!” His head fell to the ground after she had let go, “ow, what did I say?”

“Don’t play stupid! I-I know what you were implying!” She squeaked in embarrassment. “What? I don’t know what yo- oooh. Oooh!” It finally clicked in his head, “I can do that too if that’s what you want, I mean, I didn’t mean it in that way, but if that’s what you’re thinking, I don’t mind.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her, she shifted, not completely appalled, “w-well..” She thought for a moment, looking over him, not really wanting penetration, her eyes stopping on his lips, “I have an idea.” He smirked, “oh yea?” She straightened up and calmed her composure, “alright, follow me over here,” she instructed, leading him into an alleyway. He happily got up and did so, she lead him behind some trash cans and stopped. She turned to face him and pushed him down, forcing him to his knees, “you’re going to lick me ‘til I cum, ya got it ya green idiot?” She huffed, drooping her shorts as she held his head in place. He blushed lightly, “t-this is new, I guess this is what girls feel like when I shove a dick in their face.” She glared at him with a heavy blush on her face, “shut up and start licking!”

He chuckled sheepishly, inching his face closer to her clitoris and lightly licking it. She covered her mouth with her free hand, she was very sensitive, “h-hurry and make me cum already..” She hissed, whispering impatiently. He rumbles lowly and reached to hold her hips, bringing his face closer and begun to do as he was instructed to do, licking her feverishly. She moaned and held her mouth tightly, “n-not so fast idiot, you’ll make me scream.” He ignored her and pressed on further, prodding her entrance with his tongue roughly. “N-no penetration,” she protested, placing both hands on his head, tugging his green locks. She would pull and tug at his locks as he would hold her in place, his nose running over her clit as he licked vigorously. She drooled and moaned carefully until her climax, juices flowing out of her and down her inner thighs, some getting on Zoro’s tongue. He licked up what he could and pulled away, licking his lips, “so.. Do I get a turn?” He asked smugly with a smirk. A tick mark appeared at her head, she had JUST finished and he dare ask that. She bent over to pick up her shorts, her face meeting his as she did, they locked eyes for a moment before she head butted him in the nose. He gasped and held his nose, “ah! Fuck! I was fucking kidding!” He groaned. She had stormed off right after situating herself, “idiot.”

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“Please captain!” You and the rest of the crew plead, you all wanted to raise the ship, it had been a few days below sea. “No,” he hummed, focused on reading a book. “Pretty please!” Shachi begged. “With sugar on top!” Penguin added. “And a delicious trout on top!” Bepo chimed in. Pengin and Shachi protested against that, yelling at him. While they were busy, you sunk to your knees and crawled over to Law’s lap, placing your chin on his knee, “I’ll do anything you want.” You purr, reaching over and played with his zipper, he moved his book aside to look at your puppy dog like expression as you teased his zipper. He stared at you for a moment, then moved his book back into place, picking up where he had left off, “no.” You pout and unzip his pants, your fingers gliding over his bulge, “not even if I give you a little sucky sucky?” You hum, biting your lip, getting yourself excited. “If you don’t stop pestering me I’ll make sure you stay inside for the rest of the foreseeable future, all four of you,” he warned coldly, “is that clear?” You and the trio back up to the door in a dramatic fashion, “captain is so mean!”

Over the next week, you were all cooped up inside, food supply didn’t dwindle one bit, it was only getting a bit hot and the captain objected to anyone not wearing their sterile suit around the ship in the fear of any contamination to the surgical room, even though it was always closed. “I’m getting desperate in here,” Penguin groans, tugging at his collar in an attempt to cool down, but the air in the room was hot. Bepo was suffering on the floor, laying on his back making bear cries, he had to have been suffering the most. Law was in his room most of the time, presumably as cool as can be while the rest of you suffered. You were laying over the diver table suffering when an idea played in your thoughts, “what if we played, I don’t know, strip poker?” You suggest, picking up your head to look around the room at the astonished looking faces, “what?” Shachi takes out a deck of cards and slams them on the table, “why didn’t we think of that sooner, here we all are burning in these damn things.” You blink, “well, as long as we actually ‘play’ the game, the captain won’t get upset, at least I don’t think.”

They all nod and gather around the table, Shachi takes the cards and shuffles them swiftly, desperately wanting to get the game started. He decked out the cards to everyone around and grinned in excitement, “alright, place your bets.” Everyone burst out into laughter, it was obvious what the bets were going to be. “Alright show your cards, loser has to remove something, and the winner too,” he explains just before showing his cards. Everyone waited their turn in each round, getting the chance to remove an article of clothing, but you had yet to win or lose, you were always in the middle. Everyone looked so relieved getting to take their suits off, some of the guys even got to be in their underwear. After a while you folded your cards, sick of waiting as everyone cooled off, you decide to just remove your suit, as you unzip the back, your captain walks in, looking very upset, “what the hell is going on here? What is this?” Everyone panicked and gathered their clothes frantically, “I can’t believe you all, after I told you stripping off your suit wasn’t allowed!”

They guys would panic as they were being scolded, “w-wait captain! It was my idea!” You speak up, “I thought it would be fun and a little relieving if we all played a strip game, if anyone should be punished it should be me.” They all stare at you in awe, Law hums processing what you had said, “everyone get dressed and start cleaning, every inch of this ship has to be cleaned and sterile by the time I return. _____, you’re coming with me to receive your punishment.” Everyone gulped audibly in unison, they were worried for you, they could only imagine the punishment you were about to receive. You nod at Law and follow him out to the hall, it fell silent as you followed him, your heart racing nervously as you could only imagine what horrors he had in store for you as a punishment. Just as your imagination was getting the better of you, he stopped at his bedroom door, “get in.” You shift nervously and did as he instructed, opening the door to his room for the two of you, he walked in ahead as you closed the door behind you. He walked over to his wardrobe and opened it, moving some clothes aside and seemed to dig for something, you stood by the door nervously and watched him, what could he be looking for?

“_____, since you like stripping your clothes off so much, do that now, all of it must come off,” he instructed you. You blush heavily and obediently do as he said, stripping off your clothes but still standing by the door, though cool now, you were still sweating nervously. “Stand over that rug,” he instructed with a point, he had pulled something out and hid it behind his back. You nod, covering your breasts and privates with your hands as best as you could as you stride over to the rug awkwardly. He calmly goes over, looking up and down your form, placing the item that was in his hand into his back pocket, “raise your hands to the air.” He instructed you yet again, you didn’t dare defy him and raise your hands up over your head, he reaches up to grab your wrists, stepping close to you, you look up at him completely red faced. A smirk played upon his lips as he suddenly cuffed your wrists with some cuffs that were hanging above, “c-cap-“ he placed a finger to your lips to silence you, “shh, keep quiet or I’ll have to gag you.” Your blush intensified, you start so squirm a bit as he loomed over you.

He stepped back and reached for what he had placed in his back pocket, admiring your body briefly before lashing out a riding crop, hitting your breasts swiftly. A loud gasp escaped you, “ah, ah, ah, no noises or I’ll gag you,” he warned, waving a finger. You tear up a bit and bite your bottom lip, you didn’t want to upset him. He ran the leather tip of the riding crop over your nipples which ad become erect despite your nervous sweating, “my, my, such a dirty girl, did I find a secret kink of yours?” He rumbled, dragging the tip between your breasts and down your stomach, resting it between your legs. You were slightly moistened by his touching, though abusive, you were getting turned on. He smirked and lightly smacked at your clitoris with the leather tip. You took in a breath and held it, preventing yourself from making a noise, “hmm, good girl.” He came around to your backside and gripped tightly at the hilt of the riding crop, you knew because you could hear the leather in his grasp. He pulled his arm back, you brace yourself just as he whipped forward, repeatedly smacking your backside with relentless force. When he stopped, your backside was covered in bruises and marks, between your legs was a waterfall of your juices, “mmm, I like what I’ve done with you, it’s not often that I get to enjoy something like this.”

He bit his lip slightly, “I think you suffered enough punishment,” he hums, stepping behind you. His rock hard bulge pressed against your bruised backside. He reached to undo your cuffs and let you fall to your knees, “you can get dressed and leave now.” He hummed, walking back to his wardrobe, “t-that’s it?” You ask disappointed, you were hoping for so much more, “you don’t wanna, you know,” you point to his obvious erection. He shrugged and walked over to his wardrobe, “that’s a reward only, if you’re a good girl, I may let you ride on the captain’s rock hard sub, but as of now, you need to need to clean and sterilize the ship with the others.” You pot and wine, “but captain bruised up mu booty, that’s not fair, all I did was start a strip poker game.” He chuckles, “no but’s, unless you want me to spank yours even more,” he raised a brow at you. You scurry away and grab your clothes, “captain is such a meanie!” You wine, tears filling your puppy dog eyes. “Yeah yeah, just get to cleaning and we’ll talk about a reward, got it?” He raised a brow at you. You lit up with excitement, “aye captain!”

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“Hmm, interesting,” the blonde hummed to himself, reading the cards before him, he was supposed to be reading your fortune. “So what is it, captain?” You ask leaning over the table, trying to see what he was looking at. He was completely transfixed on the cards, laying them out one at a time and then picked them up to shuffle them back, repeating the process, it had seemed that he got distracted with his fascination with the cards and completely forgot about telling your fortune. You pout and drop your head on the table, resting your chin in the wood watching him place the cards in precise order. You hum a silent tune, watching him closely as he placed the cards, now bored. You were trying to think of a way to get his attention again, when a mischievous idea pops in your head. You slide under the table and get on your knees, crawling over to where he was sitting, then reaching to unzip his pants. You were hoping for a reaction but instead he remained still in his chair.

You frown and pressed on, rubbing his crotch and still getting no reaction, so you proceeded to take him out, his member was slightly soft. You grasp him in your hand and lick your lips, slowly you would lick his tip and shaft, still not getting the reaction you wanted, he was good, keeping himself focused in such a sexual situation. You slip him into your mouth and ease him into your throat, bobbing your head slowly. Steadily, you moved your head back and fourth, but he continued to remain still despite your best efforts, as you were about to give up, you could hear faint, hitched breathes coming from above. You smirk and press onward, moving you head faster to force more out of him, earning low, quiet groans. Just as you pulled away, he suddenly released all over your face, some juices getting into your mouth when he did. “Just as the cards predicted,” he breathes, snaking his hand under the table to give you a handkerchief. You take it and start to clean whatever you could feel, “so what else did the cards predict?” You ask curiously, he moved his chair back then picked you up from under the table, making you straddle his lap, his stare meeting your gaze, “we aren’t done here.”
Hey guys!
Rana here!
Only two more days of fanfic week everyone! On my "off" day Monday, I'll be opening asks on my ask Rana page! I hope you guys are as excited for that as much as I am! It'll be fun~ I hope I won't let you down! Love you guys~


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 What's to come character x reader.

Marco - Phoenix
Akainu and Aokiji - Hot and Cold
Daz - Watch the blades
Oars Sr. - WRONG HOLE!!
Alvida - Slip Slip inside
X Drake - Marked
Scratchman Apoo - Different beat
Kie'mon - Master of disguise!
Kanjiro - Really bad
Kizaru, Akainu, Fujitora - Oooh Daddies~ (3 parter)

Kaido and Kid – Only hell (2 parter)
Rana – Writer-chan (Male and Female reader, 2 fics)
Enel – Mine all mine
Garp – Trainee
Shanks – To the emperor!
Mihawk – Mi Amor
Inazuma - Alterations
Killer – The reveal
Heat – Pardon
Basil Hawkins – In the cards

Law – Cold heart
Kid – Quick temper
Aokiji – Frost bite
Corazon – Hard and sweet
Rayleigh – Much older
Jinbe – Icy waters
Galdino/Mr.3 – Wax figurine
Law – How goes the recovery?
Miss Monday – A woman?
Strawhats (All of them)  - Warm welcome

Van Augur – Hello again

Character x Character what’s to come.

Nami x Usopp – reunited
Ivankov x Dragon – flip flop
Dragon x Gold Roger – final goodbye
Rayleigh x Luffy – new technique
Zoro x Robin – need help?
Zoro x Tashigi – her face
Zoro x Perona – just shut up already
Zoro x Bonney – pink and green?
Zoro x Nami – that’ll cost ya
Sanji x Zoro – cute idiots

Nami x Ichiji – first one
Nami x Niiji – then two
Nami x Yonji – then straight to four

Thank you for your support, your all very sweet. If you wanna add more to the list, be my guest. Just ask, I'll always say yes, I'll gladly add them.

​​​​​​​Here's what's to come~! Remember! All your requests will be added unless it's REALLY outrageous! Continuations or prequels must be requested, I don't decide what gets continued/rewound, I let my fans decide~ just wanted to remind you all~


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